NBA All-Star mock draft

NBA All-Star mock draft : 2019 will once again take on a draft format, with LeBron James and Giannis Antetokounmpo serving as captains and general managers.

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NBA All-Star mock draft 2019 Live
When: Thursday, February 7 at 7 p.m. ET
Captains: LeBron James and Giannis Antetokounmpo

NBA All-Star mock draft 2019 Live

We decided to take our mock draft a step further than just making picks: We got inside the minds of The King (played by Charles Curtis) and The Greek Freak (Nate Scott) and made selections for them.

Below is a blow-by-blow transcript of their draft, in which James picked first in the opening (in which they had to select players among the 10 starters) and third rounds (Dwyane Wade and Dirk Nowitzki are eligible). Antetokounmpo started off the second round (reserves were eligible).

James (Curtis): You know me as The King, Bron and That Guy Alienating His Young Teammates so He Can Get All The Superstars … it’s LeBron James here. I’ve been thinking about this all week, not at all about what Magic Johnson is doing, nope, not at all.

So I’m just going to casually blow up the Internet again and select Kyrie Irving, setting Twitter ablaze with “DOES THAT MEAN HE’S TRYING TO RECRUIT KYRIE TO THE LAKERS FOR A REUNION” takes.

Hello, it is me, Giannis. I like smoothies. My steps are very large, and I am adorable.

For the first pick, you might see the obvious choice as being James Harden, who is averaging roughly one hajillion points points per game. That would not be the obvious choice for me, because I like actually touching the basketball when I play basketball, and your odds of doing that diminish significantly when James Harden is on your team.

So I will select Stephen Curry, who can shoot from anywhere and is also, like me – Giannis – pretty adorable. I will have 37 assists in this game and it will be so fun.

James: Team Adorable! Very cute, Greek Freak. While you’re over there drafting rainbows and unicorns, I’ll be making sure the NBA dominates social media that weekend with rampant speculation about this summer. Give me Kevin Durant mwahahahaha.

Antetokounmpo: You’ve now put Knicks Rumors and Lakers Rumors and LeBron Drama and KD Drama and Kyrie Nuttiness onto the same team, thus ensuring a combustible situation that will only end in disaster. You fool.

Meanwhile, I, Giannis, who loves his smoothies and can palm an asteroid, will take Kawhi Leonard. He does not say anything to me, but I still consider him my best friend. Also try to score on us. No one tries in the All-Star Game, except perhaps Kawhi, who I imagine will be swatting layups and diving for loose balls. Giannis likes to win.

James: Awww man, you took my next pick in the Who’s LeBron Possibly Teaming Up With All-Stars. Well played, Smoothie King. Fine, I’ll play along this time: That James Harden fella can get in Curry’s head ahead of the playoffs.

Antetokounmpo: Hello it is me, Giannis, again. That Kawhi guy hasn’t said a single word since I selected him, and I don’t think he’s blinked, either. I need some more life on this team. With that in mind, I am selecting Joel Embiid, who does not stop talking and is also adorable in his own way. We are bringing different worlds together here on Team Giannis. We love everyone!

James: That’s actually brilliant, just get Embiid to say something ridiculous to Kawhi and then The Claw will laugh his weird laugh again.

Meanwhile, I’ll take Paul George and make jokes about how he should have been my Lakers teammate instead of playing with Russell Westbrook, and it’ll all seem like fun and games but really I’m shaming PG and he’ll know it. I’m savage.

Antetokounmpo: I take Kemba Walker, because he’s the last starter. Good for you, Charlotte fans, getting him into the lineup. Good for you.

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